About Us

Mark Titman, a senior lecturer in architecture at Greenwich University for twenty years has run his award winning architecture and design practice Titman Design for twelve years. Titman Design is a small architectural practice based in Blackheath, Greenwich and Wareham, Dorset that specialises in modern designs that are in keeping with traditional architecture; a design approach we call contemporary-traditional. It makes minimalist interventions on heritage buildings that successfully gain planning permissions in conservation areas for listed buildings.

We have extensive experience in working with planners and conservation officers in and around Lewisham and Greenwich and The Purbecks. We have successfully negotiated permissions and/or seen through to completion projects at: Encombe House, Morden, Bloxworth, Blackheath Station, Charlton Park, St Johns Park, Greenwich South Street, Langton Way and Ulundi Road.

We have built lasting relationships with developers for whom we have found sites, initiated joint ventures, prepared feasibility studies, gained planning permissions and implemented and monitored construction. We have worked with English Heritage and other conservation groups, including The Royal Parks Foundation.

As a small practice we have reduced overheads and offer good value design services. We pride ourselves on excellent design, attention to detail and getting the best possible designs implemented well through the integration of clients’ specific requirements. Our aim is to create beautiful spaces of delight in each house and/or conversion. Mark was a research fellow at the Royal College of Art where he studied the evolution and development trends of the English household and the housing needs of the older user. This knowledge allows us to integrate elements of function and delightful detail to make a home and a house that much more valued.

Our interests in green issues, art and architecture have led to exhibitions at The Building Centre, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Core Gallery and Business Design Centre and have been explored in talks at the Royal Academy, Greenwich University and the Architectural Association.  Publications have included “A Green Apocalypse”, “Zip Zap Zoom: A Z-A of Cyberspace”, “Stretch City”, “Watching the Watchers” and “The English Household and the Older Person”. Each year Mark at Greenwich University organised the GREENwich Forum at the Old Naval College which looked at ways nature can be delightfully incorporated into architecture as a response to today’s burgeoning global situation and its demand for simply energy saving design.

Mark says: “we mustn’t forget that the key to good architecture and space today is firmness and commodity and, yet even more importantly than ever, an element of timeless Delight tempered with common sense and a reverence for Nature and Soul.”

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