"Talking Pod"

“Talking Pod”


The TALKING POD is essentially a white box draped in thick curtains for acoustic purposes- so introverted speakers will feel like they’re climbing into a tent- always an intimate experience. The more extrovert types can open the doors and …

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"Busy Bee"

‘Busy Bee’

New York’s hive of workers and their productivity is expressed in this easily demountable and inflatable structure that is reminiscent of a bee. The inflatable structure is supported on rods that winch the structure to full height so that it …

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'Play Portal"

‘Play Portal’




Sometimes the simplest of structures and hard landscaping elements can become used as the basis of play and social interaction. Parcour, football, BMX, running, stretching or simply sitting can be made more engaging and possible with …

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"Pumpkin Pod"

‘Pumpkin Pod’



A locker unit is proposed- shaped like a Pumpkin, with sections that lower or turn outwards for people to drop off shopping whilst in town. These can also be leaned on or sat and climbed on …

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