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A.D. Article ‘Stretch City’

S T R E T C H   C I T Y As we focus on more specific, minute and personal points,  issues so broad in their impact arise that they can only be sited in the most universal contexts.  Outside … Continue reading

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‘The Evolution Of The English Household’

‘THE EVOLUTION OF THE ENGLISH HOUSEHOLD WITH OLDER PEOPLE’ “Architects created an inadequate model which stripped the house of even the slightest connection with the city. … we would gain in self esteem (if)… a synthetic landscape (were) able to … Continue reading

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‘Weekends In The Countryside’

Times away from London spent in the country, offer a more physical reality. The opportunities for social times with friends and family or even moments of selfish stillness offer more intimate elements of delight when the country house has architectural … Continue reading

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Architectural Design, ‘The New Pastoralists’: Leading Article

Dualism is Dead; Long Live the Pastoral By Mark Titman We live in an age of environmental doom-saying, informational overload, greater lifestyle choices, shifting family structures and increasingly sedentary living patterns. Also we live in a time of more competing … Continue reading

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Press Coverage

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Sustainable Dullness and Constructive Pastoral Delight

We are all trying to save the planet in the 21st Century but how do we do it without becoming too dull? This seems to be the question we should be asking today Continue reading

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Optimism, Power and Concern in An Age of Apocalypse

In our age of increased technological use, to be Green, we have to make extra efforts not only to save the planet, but also to maintain meaningful connections with people and nature; even with machines. Continue reading

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